Examine demo site source code from Codegarden 2010

A few people were asking for the source code from my Examine presentation at CodeGarden, so here it is. I’m not going to go in to all of the details of this site or the Examine config as it’s pretty simple. However, i will give you a very quick run down of it and if you attended CodeGarden and my presentation, you’d probably already know this.

The Umbraco config for this demo site is simple: A search form, a couple of search result pages with different templates (results using XSLT extensions, results to query media using the FluentAPI, custom results using the FluentAPI). Then there’s the content: 5 very simple nodes consisting of a text field and a numeric field and a miniature blog with some posts and comments.

I’ve included all of the source files and a backup of the database that it was running on. The source files are left in the same state as we left the demo during the presentation. So to get it up and running, just restore the database to your MS SQL server, update your web.config, and put the project files into IIS (or open the solution in Visual Studio).

Download here

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