Umbraco error: Domain 'xxyyzz...' has already been assigned

When attempting to set the hostname for your site in the Umbraco content tree, Umbraco gives the error:

Domain 'xxyyzz' has already been assigned

Even when you cannot see a node in the content tree with this domain assigned to it.

This can happen if a node has been deleted which has the same hostname set.  The domain name stays assigned to the deleted node and cannot be used elsewhere in the site.

To resolve this issue, simply undelete the node from the recycle bin, click 'manage hostnames' and delete the domain. You can now safely re-delete the node and use the domain elsewhere.

Another way to resolve this would be to open the database and manually remove the corresponding entry from the 'umbracoDomains' table. You may need to do this If you have emptied the recycle bin. Be sure to take a backup of the database before attempting to do this.

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