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XSLT Time Saver Functions

We've collated a number of time saving but basic XSLT functions that we find new Umbraco users often call out for. Here is a selection of some we use on a regular basis that should help you out in your development efforts.

Random Messages with XSLT

So you want to display random messages on your Umbraco site but are not sure how to do it?

How to use umbraco.library GetMedia in XSLT for Umbraco v4.5

Umbraco MVP Lee Kelleher tells us how to use GetMedia properly. This is a quick follow-up on my blog post: "How to use umbraco.library GetMedia in XSLT". At the request of fellow Umbraco South-West UK developer, Dan, that I should update the code snippets for the new XML schema in Umbraco v4.5+