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Who are we? We are Simon Antony, an Umbraco developer (based in North Wales) that have many years of experience with this CMS (and we have an Umbraco master on our books as well!). We build, maintain, take over, look after and all combinations of your Umbraco websites, even if originally built by someone else.

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How to setup a 404 error page on your Umbraco site

So exactly how do I setup a 404 error page on my site? It's good practice to use 404 error pages on your site instead of relying upon the built in IIS error handling mechanism and it's not that obvious how to set it up.

Umbraco error: Domain 'xxyyzz...' has already been assigned

When attempting to set the hostname for your site in the Umbraco content tree, Umbraco gives the error: Domain 'xxyyzz' has already been assigned

Using the uComponents CheckBoxTree in Umbraco

How to use the uComponents datatype CheckBoxTree

Value Cannot Be Null, Error in Umbraco When Publishing Node

Publishing nodes in Umbraco can sometimes give: Value Cannot Be Null, Parameter Name: Attribute exceptions, here is the solution.


Fixing errors in Umbraco related to the SiteMapProvider in the load nodes. Solutions on how to fix this error are related here.

Deleting Duplicated Rows in SQL Server Without Primary Key

How to safely delete duplicated rows in SQL Server database without a primary key

Umbraco.config not updating - Error Republishing: System.Xml.XmlException:, hexadecimal value 0x01, is an invalid character.

Recently we experienced issues where the Umbraco.Config file was not being updated with published content - this had a knock on effect within the API calls we were making to create new nodes if they did not already exist.

No Document Exists With Version Umbraco Error and Orphan Revisions

No document exists with version error in Umbraco can be caused by orphan revisions in the cmsContentVersion table that are not in the cmsDocument table.

Grouping nodes in Umbraco Razor

Have you ever been in the situation where you need to loop through a list of nodes but arange them in groups of 2, 4, 6 etc You want to have a fluid layout and display your nodes in groups of two repeating down the page:

Submit HTML 4.01 tags no longer supported in HTML5

The following article is about Web Development and how the new HTML5 has brought in new changes from HTML 4.01.

Umbraco 7 Template View Is Deleted When Saving Through the Backoffice Umbraco Dashboard

When logged in to the Umbraco backoffice control panel, you attempt to make a change to a template, but clicking the "Save" button causes the MVC Razor Layout View to be deleted

New introduced HTML5 tags

The following document is about Web Development and all the new tags that have been introduced.